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The War Room With Jennifer Granholm

News/Business. (2012) Rep. Jackie Speier; Republican Party Chairman Tom Del Beccaro; political strategists Karl Frisch and Christine Pelosi. New. (CC) (Stereo)




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  Current    The War Room With Jennifer Granholm    News/Business.  (2012) Rep. Jackie Speier; Republican Party  
   Chairman Tom Del Beccaro; political strategists Karl Frisch...  

    July 11, 2012
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anne-marie slaughter. that's "viewpoint" tonight. stay tune to enter the war room with jennifer granholm. thank you. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> jennifer: i'm jennifer granholm. mitt romney speaks to the naacp and all of our heads explode. >> i'm many think i'm running for office to help the rich. nonsense, the rich will do just fine whether i'm elected or not itch. >> jennifer: you said you don't care about poor people, and your policies are a disaster for the middle class why are you running again? truth is that is just another romney lies. not a secret one at that. secrets and lies, it's bread and butter for political hacks.
eat up mitt. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> romney: i submit to you this, if you want to president who will make things better in the african-american community, you are looking at him. [ boos ] you take a look. >> jennifer: take a look. oh, mitt they're looking but they don't like what they see. so i want to begin tonight's show with a shout out to you mitt. you inspire me. why you ask? well because almost everything that comes out of your mouth is either a distortion or an outright lie. i'm making it this show's mission to point it out on a daily basis. tonight "the war room" is kicking off a new series that we're calling "mitt's secrets and lice." let's start with your speech at today's naacp convention. >> romney: i believe that if you
understood who i truly am in my heart and if it were possible to fully communicate what is really in the endureing best interest of african-american families, you would vote for me president. >> jennifer: mitt, i'm not sure that you have a heart. but the policies that you espouse are certainly not in the best interest of african-american families. nor any middle class families for that matter. tell us how cutting income tax rates for the wealthiest is going to help most african-americans. or voter i.d. laws, mitt, your silence on that mattered before the naacp when they're focusing on that is deafening. especially back in april you sided with pennsylvania republicans who wanted to disenfranchise voters. and you say you want to end obama-care, which as today's boos may have indicated is actually really popular with african-americans.
among other things ending obama-care would make it harder for black women who are most likely to die from breast cancer than white women it makes it more difficult for them to get free screenings. let's be honest, mitt. i know that's hard for you but today's naacp appearance was not really an attempt to win over black voters. this is an attempt to make yourself look more either inclusive to independents, but perhaps more importantly this was an attempt to get fox news some video of angry black people booing at you. and that is today's not-so-secret lie. coming to us from houston the site of this year's naacp conference is the reverend wendell anthony president of the group's detroit chapter, the largest. reverend anthony was on the show last night before mitt romney's speech, and we wanted to get his reaction after it.
reverend anthony welcome back inside "the war room." >> so nice we have to do it twice, governor. >> jennifer: that's right. >> you already outlined what went down. the rolling stones had a song called "i can't get no satisfaction" what we had was political attraction but we got no satisfaction. the fact is mr. romney came with great fanfare, but he did not leave on the table much for us to consume. he talked about looking--if we understood his heart--then we might vote for him for president. let's look at his heart. when he was governor of massachusetts he never met with the naacp during his entire tenure. he worked and moved to end affirmative action. he caused a fee of $125 for persons who wanted to submit a complaint form for
discrimination. that's a heart issue. he told us in michigan to go bankrupt to the auto industry. that's a heart issue. african-americans who benefit tremendously from the affordable healthcare act because they have sons and daughters who can remain as all persons in america's who have sons and daughters, who can remain on their healthcare program until 26. that's a heart program. the fact that you cannot be thrown off of healthcare because of pre-existing conditions, that's a health program. when mr. romney says when we look at his heart we'll vote for him for president. well, willard mitt romney we're looking at your heart and we don't find it there. >> jennifer: reverend anthony i'm standing in front of the picture of a tin man with governor romney's face on it, and i'm listening. i don't think he has a heart either. wait a second, let's take a
listen from this moment from this speech that is getting a lot of buzz. let's take a quick listen. >> romney: so to do that i'm going to eliminate every non-essential expensive program i can find. that includes obama-care, and i'm going to work to reform and save. [ boos for 14 seconds ] >> jennifer: now reverend anthony if you look at fox news, they will tell you that the crowd went too far to boo. do you think that the crowd went too far? >> absolutely not. that occurred when he brought this toadis to the president and the policy for things that i justeel numerated. you don't come to someone's house and attack something that you know everyone is attuned in, and his advisers indicated to him that that would not go over well. mr. romney said at the end of
this, i knew i was going to get booed. did you come so you did get booed so use that as an indication we naive to ref up our base to attack and go on with the mission to make sure that we get the votes that we need. you articulated that. most people who come to the naacp, naacp is a very conservative organization. he got a number of small applause, but he also got that boo when he dised president obama. when you say obama-care. obama does care. that's the problem. obama-care as they use is it a derogatory term. you don't come to somebody's house and cuss them out at the dinner table. >> jennifer: i hear what you're saying, although i think the word obama-care is going to go down in history. >> no question. >> jennifer: as something that is a real positive. i don't think we should be afraid of using it because it stamps his name on something that he brought to the country. i have a question that might be a little bit different and a little bit sensitive. mitt romney used to be a bishop
in the mormon church. and the mormon church did not allow blacks to be priests until 1978. is it a corn at all to the naacp members, but bishop romney never stood up to the discriminatory practices of his church. >> that goes to the question of the heart again. if you're bishop of any church, it doesn't matter, god looks at the heart and not on the head. where your heart is there be your treasure also. there is a saying that the apple does not fall far from the tree. mitt romney's father was also a mormon. he was a former governor of michigan. unfortunately, this apple has not only fallen there the tree, rolled down the hill, and now is somewhere in the gully. we can't find where it is. the bottom line is, yes we believe he should have spoken out against that. yes we believe he should have greater sensitivity to the needs
not only of african-americans but all people of color. he did not do that. we're not labeling romney one thing or another. we're looking at mr. romney's policies. his policies have not been heart centered. his policies have not been directed to those who are in need. finally, like franklin roosevelt said one time our abundance is determined not by how much more we can give those who already have a lot. but our abundance is determined by how much we give to those who have a little. mr. romney, give us a little love by helping us with some policies. >> jennifer: reverend anthony poet and head of the largest chapter of naacp. thank you so much for coming back inside "the war room." okay you political junkies we have lots more to come. after the break john boehner calls 33 times to call healthcare reform resolve. i call it ridiculous.
jacki spears comes to discuss it. plus if you have a mortgage, richard cordre is a a must much interview. he's painting a picture for homeowners. and a super pac finally with cajones. and the irony will be apparent when you find out who brought it. you're watching "the war room," and it's only on concern tv.
31. >> the vast north of people in this country like the healthcare that they have, and they'd like to keep it. but now thanks to this law patients across the nation are losing access to the healthcare that they like. >> jennifer: that's eric cantor distorting the truth. they have spent a lot of time on
an issue that is not going anywhere. maybe field end this exercise of futility. according to the survey, 56% of americans think that the congress needs to move on to other business like say jobs. which brings to my point. it is not just congress, by the way, it seems that republican governors ought to be looking at that poll and moving on, too. some southern governors like texas' rick perry wants to vote no on obama-care in his own way. but those governors their version is to secede from healthcare, and they're just dancing for the tea party. i know that. here's my prediction. all those governors, they will all opt in eventually. why? opting out is going to end their political careers. let's use rick perry as an example since he's threaten to go mess with texas. under obama-care most of texas' 6 million uninsured are going to
get access to healthcare and federal aid. but that rational argument does not appeal to tea partyers like perry, turning down federal money is a badge of honor for them. but texans are still going to pay for healthcare reform. turning down the medicaid expansion means rejecting $76.3 billion in texas alone for five years. so texans are still going to pay billions in federal medicare taxes, but those texans are not going to get any of the benefits. does rick perry really want to campaign on that? does he want to tell texans, yeah you're giving a chunk of your weekly paycheck to beneficiaries in new york. texans funding healthcare for yankees. i can just see the campaign ads now. secondly rick perry's plan is
going to devastate hospitals. payment to hospitals for uncompensated care that's when they treat an uninsured patient who cannot afford care, that extra money that's eliminated. so texas hospitals received nearly $1 billion of those payments in 2011 and $1.7 billion the year before. the loss of those special funds is going to be catastrophic for hospitals. including to dr. bruce seagull officer of public hotels and health systems. he was on last night. take a listen. >> you take away this money the special funding that supports hospital funding then you say we're not going to cover people on medicaid, it's a complete train wreck. >> jennifer: so if texas opts out, their hospitals lose those extra funds and then on top of it they lose reimbursement for
the obama care. they're hit twice. they will have to go to taxpayer dollars or go bankrupt and close hospital doors. texas hospitals are known throughout the country. remember that's where gabby giffords went for her surgery? rick perry will opt out. good luck. if rick perry opts out, and the people who die prematurely because they opted out of healthcare, they will have no hope. but they like texass hospitals and tax payers will still have their freedom. freedom to move to another state. freedom to move to one that has compassion that wants its citizens to live a healthy and
productive life, wantses hospitals to be world class and wants its hospitals to get what they paid for. governor perry if you do opt out of healthcare reform, you won't have to secede from the union. instead, i reckon come election time texans will is he succeed from you. it's a good thing that we have women in washington like jacki speier fighting the radical republican agenda. congressman speier, welcome back inside "the war room." >> governor, it's great to be with you. >> jennifer: now great to have you on. thank you for joining us. now let me get right to the vote. there were five democrats who joined republicans today in voting to repeal obama-care. how do you feel about that? >> i don't have a problem with the original vote. i have a problem with the fact that we have voted for this
issue 33 times. albert einstein once said insanity is when you do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. there were so many important issues for us to be deal be with than having the premiere issue for the republicans be put up once again knowing full well that nothing will happen to it in the senate. >> jennifer: i suspect that it's a opportunity for democrats to message, and i want to play a clip of an ad being run against mary bono mack. take a listen. >> you remember congress may repeal important healthcare benefits for every day americans. but protected congress. >> love the fact that democrats are going on offense over healthcare. is this a strategy that will condition? >> i think so. the republicans want to repeal
obama-care, but they want to keep the health insurance they have as federal employees intact. so what is good for the goose is good for the gander. in this case i think we're going to be able to use that effectively. >> jennifer: let me just switch lanes for just one--switch gears for a moment. you've been really instrumental in shining a light on a really dark part of the military. i would ask that you tell us a little bit about that? >> it's the issue of what is called the military ex-sexual trauma. 19,000 men and women each year are sexually assaulted and raped in the military. only about 13% of them actually report. of that number it is reduced to something like 8% who actually are tried and convicted. the problem is we keep having these extraordinarily horrific scandals occur across this country in the military at bases, and the congress has not
taken action, frankly the military has not taken action to deal specifically with it. we have literally 500,000 men and women who have left the military scared for life dealing with post traumatic stress, and they've never had their case dealt with appropriately. many times the perpetrators are elevated promoted, and the victim is victimized a second time by being labeled by having a personality disorder, and this charge from the military honorably but involuntarily. >> jennifer: how do you propose shedding light or fixing the problem? >> i've told the stories of victims on the house floor these survivors some 21 times. i've introduced legislation called the top act which would take the reporting of these crimes out of the chain of command. when you report it to your unit commander or the person right above, there is a conflict of interest. what happens if your unit
commander is, in fact you're beauser or is the person who raped you. what if he's best friends with the person who raped you. you're not going to get a fair shake. >> jennifer: this has been so--it has not gotten much attention presumably because it has been muzzled by that conflict of interest? >> exactly. by creating a separate office within the military, staff with experts in terms of investigation and prosecution you're going to have men and women who are raped and sexually assaulted feel freer to come forward and file a complaint and now that their case will be handled with fairness. right now at an air force base there is another scandal brewing. >> jennifer: well, this--this should be an issue that would get support from both sides of the aisle. although i know that the acrimony in congress is high, tell me, please, if this bill
has got bipartisan support? >> well, it does have bipartisan support, but it's only one republican so far who has joined us. there are 125 members of the house that have signed on to this legislation. so it is gaining traction but we have not gained enough traction to get the bill heard and we don't have enough military support to change the way they've done business since the beginning of time. >> jennifer: thanks for fighting for people who might otherwise feel intimidated to come forward. thank you for voting the way you did on the healthcare and for continuing to fight for the little guy. that's representative jacki speier. i appreciate her coming into "the war room." coming up, the stressful time for homeowners. it's richard cordray job to relief some of that there's. he'll join us after the break. but perhaps the darkest part of dark money.
karl rove left attack dog super pac fronting as non-profit. unbelievable. and later i can finally ask this in relations to politics, what is up with branjolina. i've been dying to say that. we'll be right back.
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♪ nangelina their parents who better to give us on la la land than brett erlich. >> listen, this brad pitt mom thing is getting out of control. then jon veto hopped in it now it's on. brad pitt's mom wrote a pro-romney letter saying any christian should spend much time
in prayer before refusing to vote for a family man who is against abortion and shares christian conviction just because he's a mormon. if it's a difference between discriminateing between a mormon and a gay always go for a gay. this should go over well for angelina, who for a period was also gay as a girl. we have this serious home footage. i hate to see them fight. now the public is up in arms. according to radar online, brad's mom has received death dress from twitterthreats from twitter useers like i bleed ga-ga. and now jon voigt jumps in and saying i believe her. you're going to espouse her
belief and you're the gigolo from midnight cowboy. why don't you stay out of the public eye and stick with what you're good at, making pretty babies. i'm done talking now. >> jennifer: thanks for joining us in "the war room." have a great night everybody. >>every day we've got to work as hard as we possibly can to make sure that we get that show on the air. >>60 seconds to air is brought to you by dodge.